Indianapolis Business Journal

"Architect Builds National Reputation"

August 13-19, 2001


"Right now, HCO does stand as a national church designer."

"The tightly knit religious community helped spread the word about his new-found niche."

"Sleeping in his office was common for Onochie during the early days, because he never wanted his firm to miss an opportunity, he said."




Gospel Today

"Henry Onochie: Building on a Legacy"

January 2004


"HCO... has become one of America's leading architectural firms for churches, having designed more than 150 churches in 15 states."

"Now regarded as the national leader in architecture for African-American churches, he is unequivocal regarding the secrets of his success…If your competition puts in two hours, you must put in four."




Indianapolis Business Journal

"Architecture firm known for its church designs"

July 26 - August 1, 2004


"I looked at him as an individual who could communicate with all types of people. It's a rare type of thing for a person to be a designer and a communicator..."

"Most designers are in their own little closet, their own environment, and don't pay attention to the client per se, because they're so concerned with their own creativity."

"Today the company has a branch office in Chicago, Illinois and Dayton, Ohio. It now designs schools, housing, and business facilities..."

"But we built our reputation purely on quality. We can't lose track of that."




The Indianapolis Star

"New Baptist church is rising along I-65"

Wednesday, January 29, 2003


"It's breathtaking when I see it from the interstate."

"You don't see many churches of that shape."

"Some describe the building as three football fields lined up horizontally. The floor plan resembles three ships docked next to one another."

"The Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost played a major portion. That is what lead to the three components."




The Indianapolis Recorder

"Early struggles toughened resolve of city architect"

Friday May 16, 2003


"Architect Henry Onochie is sweeping the nation building, renovating, and remodeling Black churches, and Indianapolis residents and dignitaries applaud his decade of service."

"Onochie is a constant giver, where he donates nearly $10,000 each year in scholarships. "We give it to someone who shows the need and someone who has excelled - someone who used to make Cs now makes straight As."

"Because of his remarkable and outstanding service to the community, Onochie was awarded the keep Indianapolis Beautiful Award. He has received numerous awards for his dedication and outstanding service as well as letters of gratitude."




Evansville Courier & Press

"African American Museum hires expert"

Friday, October 25, 2002


"Indianapolis architect Henry Onochie was an ideal fit for the project."

"He has done extensive work in Indianapolis and a major project in Philadelphia. He has done a lot of African-American churches and one African-American museum. We are impressed with his enthusiasm for our museum in Evansville."




Indiana Christian News

"Henry Onochie: Following the Master Architect's Plan"

May 2004


"HCO, Inc. knows only one way to complete a job - through client satisfaction, whatever the case."

"Doing business from the heart means being committed to helping churches capture their vision. Onochie accomplishes this by going and worshipping with the church, even before getting hired, as a way to get to know the culture and identify with the soul of the congregation..."

"Onochie seems to have an uncanny ability to get inside the head of a pastor and church board to capture that vision."

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